Wete is the second most important urban centre of Pemba. Located about 30 km north of Chake Chake. It is the most populous town in Pemba with about 29 000 people. It has head offices for some government departments and is the headquarter of the district as well as the Pemba North region. The sea port at Wete was once a very important gateway to the island of Pemba, and still receives weekly visits from Tanga, Unguja and regular trading ships.

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Wete's main income is generated through trade, agriculture, woodwork, fishing and tourism. It's a lively centre with a strong accent on community development. It has all the charms of a destination unspoilt by tourism and offers any visitor enough variety to make for a memorable experience.

Exploring the islands around the Northwest of Pemba is a truly magical experience. Fundo Island  is located few miles from Wete. It is the only inhabited island among the group of islets forming the north-west reef of Pemba. The other islets include Njao , Kashani, Kokota, Funzi, and Uvinje.

Fishing trips can also be arranged from Wete after exploring the islands, diving and snorkelling your way around. The fishing of the Pemba Channel is legendary and is enjoyed from Unguja to Kenya.